Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kenny Vs. Spenny - Greatest Show Ever? Yes.

Kenny Vs. Spenny is probably the funniest show I have ever seen. In a world of Family Guy and Arrested Development that's saying a lot. But nothing has given me more belly laughs than this insane show from the boys up North.

The premise of the show is that every week two best friends (Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, who are also the shows co-producers) must compete against each other in competitions that seem to be dreamed up in College dorm rooms (Who can stay awake the longest? Who is the best rapper? Who does the gay guy like better? etc), the loser of which then faces a humiliation dreamed up by the victor. That's the basics. What makes the show so hilarious is Kenny Hotz's refusal to abide by the spirit of the rules and instead cheats by any means necessary to attain victory. Sometimes this means cheating at the actual event, such as when he replaced his beer with a non-alcoholic version for the drinking competition. Other times he will actively work on Spencer to stop him from competing, such as locking him in a closet to avoid the start date. What's equally as hilarious is Spencer's refusal to cheat and his indignation at Kenny when he inevitably does. The two make a great pair. The slob and the square guy. The classic odd couple.

Thinking about the show I am constantly brought back to Kenny's cheating with a chuckle. The guy seems to be willing to go to any extreme to avoid the humiliation at the end of the show. Dosing your friend with LSD to get an octopus off his head? No problem. Faking your own mother's death to get a head start in a 10 mile race? Sounds reasonable. Faking a letter from the government informing Spencer that he has AIDS so that he will bomb in a comedy competition? Par for the course. Of course none of this would be possible if Spencer wasn't so comically gullible. Any gag Kenny comes up with Spencer seems willing to buy into to an almost incredulous extreme. And there is an awful lot of speculation on the internet that the show is staged or faked at certain parts, ala Man Vs. Wild .

Faked or not, it is still hilarious. As when Kenny turns the "First One To Get A Boner Loses" competition into the "How Gay Can We Make Spenny Look" competition, there is simply nothing funnier on television. Airing in the States on Comedy Central, and, as I watched it, on YouTube, it is definitely worth a watch or two. Awesome.

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